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Ministry of Higher Education

Posts Offered

Professor. Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Assisstant Professor and Lecturer.


PhD in respective field except lecturers and medical categories. If you are PhD then minimum experience required is 0 years

Qualification for lecturer post

Master in respective field with minimum 5 years of experience.

Qualification for Medical categories

M.D, M.S, M.D.S or Foreign Degree with minimum :2 years experience.

Ministry of Higher Education: Pay Scale
GradeQualificationBasicExperience AllowanceUpto Years
ProfessorPh.D16,000 to 25,000 SR600 SR P.A5 Years
Associate ProfessorPh.D12,000 to 18,000 SR500 SR P.A5 Years
Assistant ProfessorPh.D10,000 to 15,000 SR450 SR P.A5 Years
LecturerMaster6,000 to 8000 SR350 SR P.A5 Years
ResearcherMaster7000 to 9000 SR350 SR P.A5 Years
Ministry of Higher Education: Facilities
AccommodationFree family housing or 17000 to 25000 SR P.A depending on designation
Furnished Allowance50% of Housing Allowance
Transport AllowanceSR 400 ? 600 per month
Working Hours30-40 Hrs per week
Annual Paid Leave45-60 Days
Visa & TicketingFree including spouse & two minor children
Ministry of Health: Pay Scale
GradeQualificationBasicExp AllowanceUpto 15 YearsMax Allowance
Resident DoctorMBBS, B.D.S4000 SR200 SR PA15 years7000 SR
Specialist DoctorMBBS Diploma6450 SR350 SR PA15 Years11400 SR
Specialist DoctorMD/MS/DNB8050 SR438 SR PA15 Years14620 SR
Specialist DoctorMBBS+ Foreign Dip8395 SR576 SR P.A15 Years19200 S.R
Specialist DoctorForeign P.G Degree13350 SR750 SR PA15 Years24600 SR
Consultant DoctorDM/ SR576 SR PA15 Years19200 SR
Consultant DoctorForeign Doctorate22280 SR960 SR PA15 Years36680 SR
Ministry of Health: Facilities
AccommodationFree family housing or 3 months salary as housing allowance every year
Transport AllowanceSR 500 per month
Working Hours8 Hrs per day/48 hrs per week
Annual Paid Leave45 Days
Visa & TicketingFree including spouse & two minor children
FoodProvided to female nurses & technicians
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