Recruitment For Faculty Positions

Teaching is considered as one of the noblest professions in the world. The quality of education in any country depends on the availability of good teachers. Saudi Arabia, in particular has high demands in this sector and the employment numbers is expected to increase rapidly in the coming years. In 1975, the Ministry of Higher Education, Saudi Arabia was specially established to expand the sphere of post secondary education which previously was not nurtured properly. Thus, in order to uplift the literacy standards in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Ministry of Higher Education is implementing various developmental plans in education system as well as providing with quality teachers and faculty.

Tayseer Consultants, being a licensed recruitment solution provider, is actively fuelling the strong demands of skilled and talented manpower to serve the education industry for Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, etc. Our team has several years of experience which bagged us good network of clients & candidates so that we can shortlist the most suitable manpower for lecturer jobs in Saudi Arabia as well as other faculty staff recruitment.

A few of the popular vacancies that are assisted by us are:
Our team has many years of experience and during this time we have developed a powerful network of clients & candidates, which can often significantly reduce the amount of time taken to identify candidates with rare skills and market knowledge.

  • Lecturer
  • Professor
  • Associates
  • Assistants
  • College management

Ministry of Education

Professor Requirements

Apart from Ministry’s direct recruitment, we also undertake professor recruitment and faculty recruitment for various universities, under Ministry of Higher Education.

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