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Job Details

Only Indian Nationals Can Apply

Job Posted 17-05-2018 23:23:06 PM
Interview Date will be intimated in due course
Job Title Majmah University Requirement. May 2018
Industry Ministry of Higher Education, K.S.A
Designation Assistant Professor
Experience 02 Years
Location Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Qualification PhD in respective fields/MD/MS/MCH
Job Details

Basic Sciences


  1. Anatomy Female
  2. Physiology Female
  3. Pharmacology Female
  4. Molecular Biology Female
  5. Histology Female
  6. Pathology Female
  7. Biochemistry Female
  8. Microbiology Female
  9. Forensic Medicine Female
  10. Immunology Female
  1. Pathology Female
  2. Biochemistry Female
  3. Microbiology Female
  4. Forensic Medicine Female
Immunology Female

Medical Education

Community Medicine

  1. Medical Education M/F
  2. Medical Informatics M/F
  3. Skill Lab M/F
  4. Assessment Center M/F
  5. Community Medicine M/F
  6. Biostatistics M/F
  1. Community Medicine M/F
Biostatistics M/F



  1. Family Medicine Female
  2. Pediatrics Female
  3. Dermatology Female
  4. Psychiatry Male
  5. Ophthalmology Female
  6. Radiology Female
  7. Anesthesia M/F
  8. Internal Medicine   M/F
  9. Orthopedic Surgery M/F
  10. Gyn & OBS M/F
  11. ER     M/F
  12. ICU   M/F
  13. General Surgery M/F
  14. Urology Female



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Female MDS Orthodontist for Dental Clinic in K.S.A,"Skype Interview"
Minimum Experience: 2 Years
email resume to
for onward forwarding

Interview Dates Announcement

Ministry of Health, K.S.A Arar Region,
4th, 5th & 6th November 2016
Interview Place: Delhi Only